4 Important Tips on Moving With Your Dog

I am moving into a new apartment in one week and will be taking Zoey and Fāza (my puppy I kept from Zoey’s litter). Many people don’t think about the stress that moving might have on your dog(s) because they are too wrapped up in the stress that moving has on them! But the truth is that dogs are very observant and know when there is something different happening, and that might be pretty scary for them. Dogs like consistency in their lives and when you all of a sudden change their familiar surroundings and routines, this might cause a lot of unwanted stress.

Here are some tips in helping your dog’s stress levels and safety during your move:

1. Safety comes first! With people and movers going in and out of your house, you want to make sure your dog is in a safe, confined place. Whether this is in a crate, shut in a locked room (so movers don’t open it!), or in the backyard, you don’t want your dog getting out of the house or getting in the way of movers. Also make sure that your dog has their ID tags on just in case they get out of the house or the car during the moving process.

2. Keep with the routine. If possible, throughout the moving process, try to keep their routine as consistent as you can. Feed them at the same time every day, don’t skip their daily walks or playtime, and try to keep their toys and other items with them, especially once you get to the new pad!

3. Check out your new place. Before letting your dog loose in the new place or in the new backyard, make sure to do a thorough walk through of both. Walk the perimeter of the yard and make sure it looks safe for your pooch. Keep them in their crate or confined area until all the people/movers are finished moving; escaping in a new area could be especially dangerous and scary for your dog.

4. Beware of moving hazards. Especially with puppies, make sure that they are being supervised around all of your boxes. Boxes can be very tempting to chew up and there might be things inside the boxes that you don’t want your dog chewing on! Also, specifically with small dogs, be careful when moving furniture and other heavy objects, you don’t want your dog to get in the way and possibly get injured.

How have your dogs reacted and adapted to moving? My dogs will be going from a house (which is all they’ve ever known) to an apartment, any specific tips for me?