Pupdate – Six Weeks Old

The puppies are now six weeks old! They are all doing wonderful and yesterday was our chance to take six week old stacked photos. This allows for everyone to really see what the puppies are looking like conformationally. I am really pleased with how this litter is looking and I think it is very consistent in terms of conformation. Here are some photos of a few of the pups:Zoey has now decided that she is mostly done with being a mom! All she really cares about is food, food, food! Because she has lost interest in being a mom (i.e. not really nursing or spending time with pups anymore, and also has stopped cleaning up after them) she is now back home with me.

We plan on decreasing her food intake, taking her out in the pasture more to exercise her, and start hot packing her to help dry up her milk (she still has a lot left!), in order to prevent possible mastitis.

Anyone else have advice on how to dry up a bitch once she’s done with nursing?