Puppy Proofing Your Yard

Puppies are very small, very curious, very mischievous, and love to get into everything! Because of this, making sure your yard is safe for your new puppy is very important and must be done prior to acquiring your pup. There are many potential dangers for a puppy in a backyard, and it is your responsibility to make it a safe area for them to be in!

  • First thing to do to ensure that your puppy cannot escape from your yard is to walk your yard’s perimeter. Make sure there are no holes in the fence or places where they could squeeze underneath. If you come across any, reinforce with more fencing or block with cinder blocks. You would be surprised at how small of an area your puppy can fit out of, so better to be safe than sorry!
  • You want to make sure that you have at least 6 foot fencing (for medium-large dogs) for when they get older because they will be able to jump over shorter fences!
  • It’s always a good idea to have locks on any gates that enter your yard, that way you always know it is secure (sometimes the gas company will just waltz into your yard if that is where your meter is and they could leave the gate accidentally open).
  • Make sure there is nowhere under the house or under a porch that the puppy can crawl under. Many times this can result in injury, or there might be dangerous things under there such as nails, snakes, or poisonous spiders.
  • Your puppy will most likely try to “taste” everything in your yard, therefore, it is important that you know what plants you have growing in order to make sure nothing is poisonous to dogs.
  • Your puppy might also chew on exposed sprinkler lines (not fun to fix!) or garden hoses so make sure anything that you don’t want being chewed on is up out of the way!
  • If you have a pool, make sure that you have a fence around it to block it off from the puppy, or you have your puppy in a separate area than the pool. If you plan on having them around the pool, make sure you train your puppy on how to swim to the steps in order to climb out of it in case they fall in. Either way, your puppy should never be unsupervised around a pool.

Is there anything else you do to puppy proof your yard?


2 thoughts on “Puppy Proofing Your Yard

  1. Thanks for this great info! I don’t have a yard but am taking my puppy out to parks. In addition to anything plastic, sticks and berries, she LOVES leaves. It’s hilarious. Definitely have to keep an eye on her and learning a great deal. Looking forward to following your bog.

  2. Somehow didn’t get the EMail that you had sent out a new blog but found it and glad I did..How do you and others feel about electric fence…I had this (strongly recommended by a service dog program)for my previous dog and she leearned in about 10 minutes…but I imagine in a very rural area this might not work…

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