Product Review – Pet Hub’s Quick Response ID Tag

I just received a Quick Response ID Tag from Pet Hub for my new puppy, Fāza! These are really cool tags that use modern technology to help lost dogs find their way home. What these pet ID tags use is a graphic called “quick response barcode” or “QR code” which smartphones can scan to receive information.

These QR codes have become well known and companies have been utilizing them as advertising tools. You must have a scanner app or QR code reader app installed in your phone in order to utilize these barcodes. I personally like “Scan” for the iPhone, which is a free application.

When someone scans your dog’s tag, it will come up with a profile of your dog. You can edit your dog’s profile on Pet Hub’s website and include a picture of your dog and any other personal information you think necessary. On the profile is also an area to put medical information (such as vaccination details or seizure alerts), dietary needs (such as allergies), and list your veterinarian. This is great because not only do you have identification and contact information, you also have recent vaccination details, all in one tag!

There are three different levels you can choose from through Pet Hub. The Bronze level which is free; this level offers an online pet profile, and a 24/7 Found Pet Hotline. The Silver level is only about $40/year and offers all that is in the Bronze, plus an “Amber Alert” system that sends out an alert of your pet’s information to local shelters, and email alerts with GPS mapping which is really awesome! If anyone scans your pet’s tag, an email notification is sent to you along with a GPS map of where your pet’s tag was scanned! The Gold level (about $50/year) offers all of the Bronze and Silver programs, plus added insurance ($3000 of emergency coverage if your pet is injured while lost).

I will most likely stick with the Bronze membership (possible Silver if I buy more of these tags for my other pets as well) because I plan on micochipping my new puppy and registering her through HomeAgain which also offers insurance if she is injured while she is lost.

I suggest you always have ID tags on your pets if you take them anywhere (QR coded or not!) and I also highly suggest microchipping your dog (see your veterinarian for details!).

Thank you to Dog Splendor Blog for hosting this awesome giveaway, and thank you to Pet Hub for providing this wonderful tag for my new pup!


2 thoughts on “Product Review – Pet Hub’s Quick Response ID Tag

  1. Hi Lauren,

    We have not dognapped your puppy, I promise. Gary was looking at your blog and tried the tag on Faza in the photo. Yeap – it works great! Sorry!


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