Choosing a Healthy Puppy Food

I have finally chosen which puppy I want from Zoey’s litter! After taking into account personality and conformation, I’ll be taking the tri-feathered girl with the white socks! I will be taking her home this weekend and therefore need to decide which puppy food I would like to start her on.

Our adult dogs (not our senior dogs) are currently being fed Taste of the Wild (High Prairie). This dog food is very high in protein (32%) and fat (18%) which is very important for them considering they are performance dogs and are exercising on a daily basis; therefore, they will burn the protein and fat from their diet very fast. One reason I like Taste of the Wild is the fact that they are a grain-free diet. Many dog food companies will use grains as cheap fillers and can use them to increase their protein percentage.

I suggest when looking at dog food labels, to look (at the very least) at the first seven ingredients. These ingredients should be meat and vegetables, not by-products or fillers such as corn, animal fat, or flour. Many dog food labels will list meat first, but then is followed by many fillers. Overall, there should be a larger ratio of meat and vitamins to fillers or by-products (by-products can also be detected when something is listed as “animal,” “meat,” or “poultry” instead of the specific type such as “bison” or “chicken meal”). Cheapest dog foods are usually not the best quality; remember, the poorer the quality, the MORE you will have to feed of it. Therefore, if you feed the higher quality (and probably more expensive) dog food, you will end up having to feed less of it, so in the end, it is worth it to buy the higher quality dog food.

I also suggest doing your research prior to taking a trip to the pet store. Sometimes labels and packaging can be deceiving and overwhelming when all lined up in front of you. Do your homework beforehand. Search the internet, visit the company’s website and look more in detail to the ingredients, read product reviews, ask around to people who have knowledge on what they feed their dogs.

This website has GREAT information about what to look for and what to avoid in protein, fats and oils, carbohydrates, fiber, fruits and vegetables, flavorings, etc. And shows many examples of some unhealthy dog food labels (all the way down at the bottom of the page).

In a puppy formula (much like a performance formula) it is important to have a high protein and high fat diet because they are growing. Taste of the Wild just came out with a puppy formula line! This includes High Prairie and Pacific Stream formulas. Because my adult dogs are already on the High Prairie Formula, I will start my puppy out on the High Prairie Puppy Formula so that there will be an easier transition to her adult food.

What are your thoughts about dog food? What do you feed and why?


4 thoughts on “Choosing a Healthy Puppy Food

  1. This is interesting! My boyfriend was just learning about taste of the wild and I had never heard of it. My dog has skin allergy and we think he is allergic to wheat products… We are thinking that this food will be very good for him and his skin because of the grain-free. I’m happy I read this because I wanted to get it for my puppies too and I didn’t know there was a puppy formula. Thanks!

    • Yes, they just came out with the puppy formula which is very exciting! Hopefully this works for your pup! If not, I would try to talk to your vet about it, one of my dogs has skin allergies, to mostly the environment (like grass), and we bathe him with an oatmeal shampoo and he is on allergy medications as well.

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