Night Before The Hunt

It is the eve of the first hunt (also known as, in other breeds, a field trial) of the season! Mystic and Hunter are both entered and we are all very excited and anxious for another coursing season to begin. We try to get to the hotel at a decent time to let the dogs relax and get some sleep. This will be Mystic and Hunter’s third coursing season, so they have become pretty used to it! During their first couple of seasons, they would have trouble eating and sleeping.

Hunter would even start falling asleep in the field from being so tired! But tonight, they both finished their dinners and are sleeping soundly! Alarms are set very early. In the morning we will mix up our K9 Superfuel, bundle up, make sure our backpacks are ready to go, jacket up the dogs, then head to the restaurant for roll call and the draw. Tomorrow’s hunt consists of 12 dogs. This will break up into four preliminary courses, and most likely two final courses.

Check back for an update on how the hunt went!


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